Annual reviews

The local authority must review a statement or My Plan (Education, Health and Care Plan) at least once a year.  For children under five, the review should take place every six months.  If there is concern about the child’s progress, the annual review may be held early and be an ‘interim’ or ‘emergency’ review.

For young people transferring schools because they are moving between key stages of education (for example infant to junior, primary to secondary), the review will be called a ‘phase transfer’ review.

At this review the young person’s progress will be discussed to ensure the My Plan (Education, Health and Care Plan) continues to meet their needs and targets will be set for the coming year.  We have a statutory duty to ensure the review takes place each year, but it is normally organised by the school or setting.  They will make sure that everyone involved in supporting the young person provides an update before the meeting takes place.  Parents or carers will also be asked to give their views before the meeting takes place.

The views of young people should be given a central place in the review process and parents/ carers should be fully involved in decisions.  Wherever possible, the young person should attend all or part of the annual review meeting.  Parents and carers may wish to talk to the school or setting about their young person’s involvement in the review process.

The annual review will usually take place at the young person’s school or setting.  Anyone who can make a helpful contribution should be invited and this might include representatives from health, social care or any other agency working with the young person.    If it is needed the local authority will try to send a representative but unfortunately we cannot attend every annual review.  A SEND lead worker may not always be available to attend every review and should you specifically require their attendance then please check with the organiser in advance as we will always strive to accommodate requests, wherever possible.

The review will be led by a lead professional – someone best placed to understand the needs of the child.  The lead professional could be a social worker, SEND lead worker, school or health professional.

Within 10 working days of the meeting, the head teacher will send an annual review report to the parents or carers, and us.  After we have received this report, we have to make a decision about what happens next.

The possible decisions are:

  • No change. This means we think the child’s statement and provision should remain the same
  • Amend the statement/My Plan. This means we think that changes are needed to the child’s statement/My Plan and/ or provision.
  • Cease the statement/My Plan. This means that we think the child no longer needs a statement/My Plan.

Whatever the decision is, parents/ carers must be kept fully informed of decisions as promptly as possible.

If parents or carers are unhappy with the decision, they will be able to meet with a local authority representative to discuss their concerns. They will also have a right to mediation and appeal.

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