Social care support

What types of support might my family have access to?

If a young person meets our assessment criteria, their social worker may recommend to our family support panel that we offer a package of support including:

Support at home

Support packages are tailored to individual needs, according to the assessment carried out by a social worker. This might mean:

  • Support with personal care
  • Getting up and ready for the day
  • Support during a time of crisis

These packages are designed to meet the needs of individuals with critical needs, where their circle of support is unable to meet them and / or circumstances present a risk to the young person’s wellbeing.

Support is offered through our partner agencies, or as a direct payment.

Personal care

When working with young people with SEND, our team may provide personal care support to individuals with substantial moving and handling needs.

Again, support is offered through our partner agencies, or as a direct payment.

Day care

Where a social worker identifies a critical unmet need, a package of support may include day care through Family Link Care, nursery care or child minders.

When deciding how to support families we will look first to services available within their community.

Overnight care

It is not generally recommended for young children to spend time away from their close family over night. This means we will look first at a young person’s family to provide support, or to day care opportunities.

However, if a social worker identifies a need that cannot be met by a young person’s family, a package of support may include overnight care through Family Link Care or Canon’s House.

Foster Care: Be the difference, with a career in care through Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council is starting a new project offering respite care to children with disabilities, and is looking for professional, experienced carers.  To apply or find out more, contact Placement Services on 01225 716510 or email  Download the Wiltshire Foster Carer leaflet for further details.

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