Transition to adult services

Transition to adult services

Most of the young people our team work with have long-term needs that are identified at an early age. These young people are likely to require support for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the Children and Young People Disability Teams social workers continue to work with young people who have been eligible for services as children, until they have achieved stability in their lives.

At this point, individuals will be transferred to our adult community team for people with learning disabilities (CTPLD). We expect this to happen when individuals are aged between 18 and 25. This is done on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstance of the individual. During this time, we communicate closely with other health and care professionals, as well as individuals and their families, to keep them informed of relevant developments and processes.

Social workers and SEND lead workers will continue to work with young people and families in a person-centred way using the My Plan. Parents and young people will contribute to and have a copy of the My Plan.

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Moving in and out of county

If a family we are working with moves out of Wiltshire, we can refer them directly to their new authority and share the results of the assessment and plan developed in Wiltshire.

When a family moves into Wiltshire, we will generally request information from their previous authority and this will be used to inform our own assessment, once the family has arrived in Wiltshire. If we have enough notice, our team are able to plan for their support before they arrive.

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