Social Workers

What do social workers do?

Social workers have specific responsibilities for safeguarding and looked after children.

When working with young people with SEND, a social worker’s role is primarily to make sure that young person can remain with their families with minimum intervention. This means overseeing the support they receive and working with them to build independence and resilience.

Where our family support panel decide to provide a Wiltshire Council service, a social worker will remain involved. They will review the package of support every 6 months to make sure it is meeting the young person’s needs and achieving the outcomes the family are looking for.

Our team recognise that a young person’s circumstances will change over time and a package of support may increase or decrease to reflect these changes.

When a service is no longer needed the social worker’s involvement will end. However, at this point our team will make sure a family has access to the universal and targeted sources of support that they need.

Will social workers use My Plans?

Social workers need to work across lots of areas of need and co-ordinate their support with multiple agencies. This means they have specific forms of assessment that need to be followed. However, social workers will still pay close attention to the kind of information in a My Plan, like what’s important for a young person and what’s important to them. At the moment social workers will be most likely to use a My Plan to support a young person during transition.

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